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reblog if your url represents who you really are 

I am really Putin’s girlfriend

then we have a problem

I can explain it


Antoine Griezmann and his little brother Théo during their vacations.





If they show sports events at bars why don’t they show tv shows?

someone should get to making a fandom bar.

no but can you imagine? fandom themed drinks, tv show maraton nights, discount to cosplayers, and special season finale events.



what manuel neuer really thinks.. [asked by weloveneuer & anon]


I have hit 600 followers recently and have met some new people so I thought it was time to do one. I want to thank all of the blogs I follow because they fill my dash with wonderful things. If you were in the last follow forever but not in this one I’m sorry because I am very forgetful! You’ve all made my tumblr experience so far wonderful! Oh and I am not putting any history blogs just so they won’t be confused with football blogs or such but I want them to know if they follow me or see this that I’m not going to unfollow them (ever) The blogs I really like are in bold.  


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And I obviously can’t forget Megi who is one of the nicest people I know :)

I want to say that meeting you two, Jochen and Boris, is one of the best things that’s happened on here! I look forward to our crazy historical talks and jokes :)

Lastly, and certainly least (just kidding I love you) I will say that you, Erwin, has to be one of the greatest things to happen because meeting you was by chance (Thanks Boris) and I love our jokes, conversations, and arguments! But I would also like to thank you for dealing with me putting you through feels… well us… So, thank you Erwin :)

Aww thank you! :D

Pepe Reina giving Iker Casillas English lessons

  • I love football
  • I watch football as much as I can
  • I’ve been to a football match
  • I’m a fan of my hometown team
  • I’m a fan of a football team that not in my country
  • My team has a derby
  • I hate a team in my country
  • I hate a team that’s not in my country
  • I’m a fan of my NT
  • I’m a fan another NT
  • I’m a fan of not only one club
  • I want to marry a football player
  • Sometimes I talk too much about football
  • I miss a footballer in my team
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Bundesliga
  • I’m a fan of a team in the La Liga
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Seria A 
  • I’m a fan of a team in the Premier League
  • I think Messi is the best in the world
  • I think Ronaldo is the best in the world
  • I have ships in the football fandom
  • I think David Beckham is hot
  • I love it when red cards are shown
  • I know the UCL anthem
  • My friends are football fans too
  • I don’t understand how Marco Reus’s hair stays perfect after 90 min
  • I love to watch Women’s football
  • I hate it when people say soccer instead of football
  • I think footballers with many tattoos are attractive
  • I used to go to football games with my parents when I was little
  • I love a footballer’s wag
  • I want a certain footballer in my team
  • I love a footballer that plays for the rival’s team
  • I think the UCL cup is the most important
  • My team is not in the first league
  • My team is in the race for the league title
  • I have a football jersey
  • I met my favorite footballer in personal
  • I’ve been to my NT match
  • My favorite coach is not the coach of my favorite team
  • I love a team that the rest of my family hates
  • Football gives me joy
  • I cried because of a football match
  • My NT won a national cup once
  •  I understand what the offside rule is
  • I play football
  • I’m part of a fan organization
  • I named my pet after a footballer’s name
  • My favorite football player is currently injured
  • My team has won the UCL cup once
  • My team is currently in the Europe League
  • I think players that are loaned to one team should not play against their loaning team
  • I think football stuff are fucking expensive
  • My team plays in red
  •  I’m a football fan for more than 5 years
  • I will tattoo the crest of my team on my body if I could
  • I hate the president of my club
  • The coach of my team was once a football player
  • I love my team so much I occasionally cry out of happiness because of them


Amazing World Cup Moments by Fishfinger Creative Agency (more)

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